English page

I’m studying English.

My sketches by months

I looked through my sketches and sorted them out by months. Old pictures were found and I put them in the appropriate folder. It was a big work. I will soon start publishing this portfolio in parts.

«The Labyrinth of the Spirits» is a bad book

I finished reading a long detective story written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It is called «The Labyrinth of the Spirits». I did not like the book. I do not like books about women. I especially do not like books about women who are special agents. This is a trivial theme.

The tree

My elder daughter crashed her chin against a tree one year ago. Today we went to look at this tree. I asked my daughter: did you forgive this tree?
— Yes. I forgave. But now I do not know whether to chop it for firewood or leave it like that.

The man on the subway is very busy

Academic drawing is just a style

Academic drawing is just a style. Works in it look like if it was painted by the same diligent person. If you want to draw like this person, lose shape. If you want to have individuality, move away from academism. Lose drawing skills, comrades!

Bad day

The weather turned bad. There are traffic jams. I slept badly. I have a headache.

Me, my wife and our elder daughter

This is me, my wife and our elder daughter. The author of the picture is the elder daughter. She said that the younger daughter is not in the picture, because the younger daughter was born later.

Just a woman

My elder daughter: Can I be just a woman when I grow up?

My wife is competing with children in drawing

Cat with side-locks

— Why do you have a cat with side-locks?
— Well, he’s so curly. And I nibbled off a corner of the picture.